Business processes are not a topic of conversation one would expect to hear at a dinner party, however they are such an important part of what makes a business tick. How many times have you questioned why your business operates the way it does and are met with, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”? This line of thinking can create unnecessary overhead, slow down decision making, and in the worst case scenario be the death of your business.

Only 51% of start ups survive through their 5th year of business in Canada. Ensuring that your business is running as efficiently as possible is a key factor for success. See the article below for a list of efficiency lessons that all small business owners should know.

Automate IT Consulting has vast knowledge and experience in implementing processes and procedures to kick start success for small businesses in the areas mentioned in the Huffington Post article.

  1. Sales Process – Automate IT can help you set up a streamlined sales process from Lead to Customer to Repeat Customer while collecting valuable data along the way. Lead acquisition, digital analytics (installation and monitoring), system integrations, data integrity, and customer relationship management are all extremely important for a business.
  2. Collaboration – Ensuring everyone is on the same page is a difficult task for any business. Streamlining your team’s collaboration and communication can alleviate a lot of headaches for your day-to-day operations, and eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings. Say goodbye to the meeting planning committee’s meeting on how to have effective meetings using simple methods and software. Automate IT will implement those tools, and train your staff on how to use them in order to ensure high adoption from your staff for the new procedures.
  3. Employee Satisfaction – Knowing how your employees feel about coming to work everyday can be extremely clear in some cases when Bob in Accounting complains non-stop, and lets everyone know how he would run things if he was in charge. Most times it is not that simple. During Automate IT’s discovery phase a lot of these pain points can be identified, and resolved, before they become a larger issue. Using survey tools can also be a great way to gauge your employee’s overall satisfaction and engagement.
  4. Document Standardization – Everyone on the team needs to be reading from the same playbook in order to score a touchdown. Having standard tools and templates is a must in order for a business to run efficiently. Automate IT will develop templates for your business, and implement the tools needed for the most streamlined collaboration.
  5. Time Management – In Automate IT’s discovery phase, we open the hood on your business and see how your employee’s time is spent. We can pinpoint where the most time can be saved, and in turn save you money.

Whether you have trouble in all the areas listed, or feel you are excelling, contact Automate IT today to receive a free proposal on how we can streamline your business.